Meeting the Moment: Reflecting Your Firms Values

Meeting the Moment: Reflecting Your Firms Values

Domain: Communications

*Please note: this session is closed to media*

The events of the past few years have underscored the enormous opportunity that exists for law firms to contribute meaningfully to social, political, and economic issues in the national consciousness. But, as firms have stepped forward to demonstrate their commitment to being part of the solution, many have stumbled. Good intentions are not enough; it’s important that firms participate in these critical conversations in right way, with transparency and authenticity.

Our session will begin with an overview of the current media landscape and the opportunities – and expectations ¬– for law firms to demonstrate real values in their actions and communications. We will also discuss potential hazards to avoid and the dangers of perceived hypocrisy or lack of transparency. 

The central part of our session will focus the ways in which firms should communicate their values – through their brand messaging, internal communications, owned and social channels, and earned media activities. This component of the session will propel participants to think critically about steps their firms are taking to act on and communicate about their values both internally and externally.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Clearly define and prioritize firm values. 
  • Identify and create processes for evaluating how to respond to social and political issues to be a positive contributor in the current moment.
  • Determine the right channels to communicate firm values and positions both internally and externally.
Andrew Jarrell, Chief Strategy Officer, Group Gordon (moderator)
Jay Plum, Senior Director of Communications, Bracewell
Thomas Freeman, Director of Communications, Cooley LLP
Genhi Givings Bailey, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Perkins Coie

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