Mastering the Art of Influencing Difficult Conversations

Mastering the Art of Influencing Difficult Conversations

Sponsored by: LMA Talent Development Committee
Domain: Marketing Management & Leadership
BoK Competency: Department Management and Motivation

Difficult conversations tend to be avoided because professionals shy away from the uncomfortable, and fear polarizing relationships. But avoidance is not a recommended road to success. Participants will learn strategies and tactics to engage in productive conversations to address challenges and deepen relationships. They will understand where and why they avoid difficult conversations. And they will leave with an understanding of how they can engage in productive and effective conversations to make their professional – and personal – lives more joyful and decrease stress. 

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize where they are avoiding having difficult conversations, and why
  • Prepare to have effective and behavior changing conversations 
  • Practice and apply strategies to improve their relationships with colleagues and clients

Learning Outcomes:

  • Walk through strategies and tactics to conduct difficult conversations in an influential manner
  • Build personal and professional trust between colleagues
  • Lead high-performing and productive teams

Margee Fawley, Chief Talent Officer, Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP 
Julie Holunga, Principal & Executive Coach, Chinook Executive Solutions

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Prospective Members: $79

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