Mastering Referral Marketing: Seven Frameworks for Success

Mastering Referral Marketing: Seven Frameworks for Success

Sponsored by: Business to Consumer Practices SIG
Domain: Business Development
BoK Competency: Sales Techniques

Referral marketing is arguably the most important kind of marketing any law firm can do, yet so few firms are strategic about it. So many attorneys rely on referrals as the source of new client matters, yet many simply hope people will refer them cases without them having to do much work to secure those referrals.

The dirty little secret about referral marketing is that firms can tip the referral scales in their favor.

In this session, four in-house marketers at plaintiffs’ firms walk through seven frameworks they use to get the edge on their competitors for referrals. Although the panelists work at plaintiffs’ firms, their advice will be relevant to law firms of all types.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover the main reasons attorneys and other professionals refer clients to an attorney.
  • Explore seven referral frameworks attorneys and their firms can use that don’t rely on hopes and prayers.
  • Learn the things you can do TODAY to create a strategic referral marketing program.  


Emy Cook, Head of Operations & Marketing, Powers Taylor, LLP
Caroline Knecht, Senior US Communications Director, Pogust Goodhead LLC
Kate Schenkel, Director of Marketing, Pond Lehocky Giordano LLP
Megan Radomski, Director of Marketing, Dolce Panepinto, Attorneys at Law
Wayne Pollock, Founder, Copo Strategies and Law Firm Editorial Service (Moderator)


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