Market Positioning: The First Step in Differentiating Your Firm

Market Positioning: The First Step in Differentiating Your Firm

Domain: Communications

Interested in differentiating your firm from its competitors? The first step is market positioning. If a law firm is effectively positioned, this can radically reduce the number of viable competitors.

This session is not about logos, taglines, or marketing materials. It is about owning a particular niche as a means of distinguishing yourself in the marketplace. A well-positioned firm with a clear, concise message is much easier to market and promote than one with a nebulous message. That’s why it is essential to nail your positioning before beginning any big marketing project, like the development of a new website.

But here’s the catch: positioning is really hard for law firms. So, how can a general-practice firm position itself for success?

Topics include:

  • What “positioning” means and how it differs from branding
  • Why positioning is essential
  • Examples of great positioning from outside and inside the legal industry
  • Overcoming the challenges law firms face when developing a market position
  • Tricks for positioning a “full-service” law firm (that serves lots of services to many industries)
  • The need to substantiate your firm’s positioning

Dion Algeri, Partner, Great Jakes Marketing Company
Robert Algeri, Partner, Great Jakes Marketing Company 

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