LMA Well-Being Wednesday: Eye-Opening Revelations of a Joychiever with Tracy LaLonde

LMA Well-Being Wednesday: Eye-Opening Revelations of a Joychiever with Tracy LaLonde

Sponsored by: LMA Well-Being Committee
Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership
BoK Competencies: Change Management & Department Management and Motivation

Join the Well-Being Committee on June 30 for our next Well-Being Wednesday! We're over"JOY"ed to bring our members a special speaker with a special message to share. As a high achiever, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. You feel accomplished and are on a path for continued success. Yet, something is missing.

The chase often feels stressful and relentless, and you find yourself wishing for more happy, relaxed and peaceful moments. But, it’s hard to imagine that achieving and joy can happen simultaneously, right? Doesn’t joy come after you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do? The answer is “No!”

Eye-Opening Revelations of a Joychiever is a frank conversation that provides insights for how to have both.

We will discuss how:

  • Your reality is a choice.
  • Context matters…a lot.
  • Sleep is the fountain of youth.
  • Relationships are the #1 secret to healthy aging.
  • "ME" time is also a gift to others.

This session will inspire and equip you to make easy adjustments to experience more joy in your life now. And in the spirit of building those all-important relationships, we will also spend a few minutes in breakout rooms for open dialogue.

About Tracy LaLonde:

Tracy LaLonde is an overachiever, author, and professional speaker. After 20 years in the legal industry—a field with extreme rates of burnout—she witnessed her successful peers deal with high levels of anxiety, worry, and stress. At the peak of her career, Tracy stepped away from her business to embark on her own Joy Journey. Tracy founded Joychiever to help other overachievers define their unique joy journey and apply their ambition to achieve a balanced, happy life.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its impact on our well-being.
  • Discuss ways to navigate emerging personal and professional challenges by focusing on improving sleep, carving out time for yourself and building relationships.
  • Gain awareness of the LMA Well-Being Resource Center and Committee.

Tracy LaLonde, Managing Partner, Xaphes

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