LMA Town Hall

LMA Town Hall

Sponsored by: LMA International

Join LMA International Board of Directors President Kelly MacKinnon and 2022 President-elect Brenda Plowman for our year-end LMA Town Hall. The first portion of the meeting will be dedicated to sharing important Board and association-wide updates, including a recap of 2021 highlights, and reflections on the future state of our association The second half will be an interactive discussion format, allowing for individualized Q&A with all attending members.

We ask you to include any questions you may have before this Town Hall to get a sense of what's on your mind and to focus the session on what's most important to you. We will be addressing these topics and questions during this conversation.

There will also be an opportunity to more directly share the comments and questions live during the Town Hall.

Kelly MacKinnon, LMA President
Brenda Plowman, LMA President-Elect

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