Life After Launch: Working with Your External Web Developer on Your Website & Beyond

Life After Launch: Working with Your External Web Developer on Your Website & Beyond

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Website projects often take considerable time, energy and resources out of your marketing team. But the day your website launches isn’t the end of the program – or at least it shouldn’t be. Finding the right digital partner is essential to not only building a great product – a website that makes an impact – but also creating a cadence to ensure the website continues to evolve post launch. Maggie Watkins, CMO of Sedgwick and One North Interactive Managing Director of Business Development Dawn Michalak sit down to discuss what a true partnership between a firm and its agency looks like, sharing their experiences on launching a website, building relationships and creating a long-term digital strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your website project isn’t over on Launch Day. Think of the endeavor as a program that can be broken into phases over time.
  • Finding a vendor that will act as a partner and an extended arm of your own firm.
  • A digital agency that knows your industry and your business closely can fill in expertise gaps and help move projects along more quickly.
  • The key to digital endurance is twofold:
    • Finding a collaborative partner with deep expertise in digital
    • A long-term vision to guide the process

Maggie T. Watkins, Sedgwick
Dawn Michalak, One North Interactive 

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