Leveraging Public Relations for Business Development Success

Leveraging Public Relations for Business Development Success

Domain: Communications
The hallmark of an effective PR program is one that aligns with and supports business development priorities, and that’s nearly impossible to accomplish without the right strategy, process, and expectations in place. In this panel, external PR professionals connect with in-house marketing and business development team members to discuss effective ways to collaborate and build on each other’s efforts to work toward – and further – the same goals. They’ll cover the important role PR plays in BD, including how to prioritize and manage areas of focus and build cohesive campaigns around firm initiatives or wins that garner coverage in an impactful way. They will also outline the common pitfalls that can stand in the way of effectively incorporating PR into a BD strategy, and offer solutions to proactively identify and overcome them, with case studies from the panelists’ experience and advice on how to best identify opportunities and KPIs to measure success.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Exchange effective tactics for making your law firm standout in a crowded media landscape 
  • Explain how to measure and present KPIs to convey PR success to internal audiences 
  • Discuss how to manage expectations and maximize opportunities from targeted media placements


Presenters:Penny E Paul, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Lowestein
Kelsey Eidbo, Vice President, Infinite Global
Jaylen Pearson, Sr. Account Executive, Infinite Global
Zach French, Senior Business Development Manager, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP


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