Leveraging Matter Metadata to Determine Scope and Pricing Strategy

Leveraging Matter Metadata to Determine Scope and Pricing Strategy

Domain: Business of Law

In this session, the Pepper Hamilton KM, Practice Solutions, Pricing, and LPM Teams will share how they use matter metadata. Including how they decided what data to collect, how they collected it, how they keep it current, and their internally developed visualization tool. Matter metadata otherwise known as experience data is readily available, as general knowledge, in archaic databases, or individual attorney’s personal tracking systems.

The knowledge can be harnessed to:

  • Helping with case strategies, who has worked in a particular jurisdiction
  • Understanding staffing
  • Correlating amounts at risk with level of effort and fees and deal types and amounts with level of effort
  • Sanity checking pricing proposals and more!

Topics Include:

  • Identify how to determine what data to collect and how to collect it.
  • Describe how can you utilize the data; KM sharing, staffing, and pricing.
  • Summarize how might you visualize the data to get the best benefit from it.

Andrew P. Medeiros, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Matthew John Hamilton, Esq., Pepper Hamilton LLP
Marc Perreault, Pepper Hamilton LLP

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