Lateral Acquisitions - Setting the Stage for Success

Lateral Acquisitions - Setting the Stage for Success

Domain:  Business of Law, Business Development

The lateral hiring wave continues to swell to historic heights. The cost of acquiring and losing talent is high — and less than half of laterals remain at firms for five years. Many laterals have average-to-low success rates — a problem exacerbated when laterals join without established or portable books of business (often from government) as well as by conflicts. In this session, you’ll focus on how law firms can attract, recruit and retain top talent and maximize lateral longevity. You’ll identify methods for driving revenue growth through a thoughtful and strategic recruitment and integration process. Plus, you’ll assess examples of successes and failures.

Topics include:

  • Strategies for collaboration across all lateral integration stakeholders to maximize short- and long-term success
  • Overcoming common pitfalls when integrating laterals and supporting revenue generation
  • How to leverage research tools and institutional knowledge to support lateral integration
  • Best practices from the laterals’ perspective for positioning laterals for success

Melissa Ertek, Chief Development Officer, Winston & Strawn LLP
Paula W. Hinton, Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP
Anne Heathcock, Managing Director, Marketing, Winston & Strawn LLP
Steven H. Stodghill, Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP

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