Keeping the Billing Tail from Wagging the Law Firm Dog

Keeping the Billing Tail from Wagging the Law Firm Dog

Domain: Business of Law

Hourly and non-hourly billing have powerful effects on firm structure and strategies. The remodeling process is virtually irresistible and imperceptible. This session will look at the theory of hourly and non-hourly billing and present a case study in which the speaker’s firm (nonhourly) took over a major piece of litigation from another firm that had billed by the hour for a substantial period. In addition, you will hear other instances and examples from the speaker’s experience and that of his firm. Learn how to recognize and understand the problems spawned by billing structures and enable responses that maximize the operation of the firm, both financially and in terms of client satisfaction.

Topics include:

  • How the firm’s predominant billing method inevitably sculpts its structure and strategy (Grand Canyon)
  • The client service implications of billing model-induced staffing and operations
  • How to anticipate and respond to billing model-induced dysfunction to maximize firm performance

Lindley Brenza, Partner, Bartlit Beck LLP 

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