Is a Picture Worth 1,000 Words? Using Data Realization to Influence Behavior

Is a Picture Worth 1,000 Words?  Using Data Realization to Influence Behavior

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Domain:  Communications, Marketing Management and Leadership and Technology Management

How can legal marketing and business development departments better understand how to incorporate best practices for realizing data into their reporting structure to influence behavior and promote cultural changes?  It’s simply using our masterful communication skills combined with analytics to present things differently. 

Data Realization, while not widely used in legal, has started to infiltrate our industry over the past few years mostly in the areas of Litigation and E-discovery as an easy way to tell stories.  Using visuals to display dynamic data can be very impactful, allowing for the ability to quickly and easily interpret trends, threats and opportunities.  

Data Realization can be the holy grail for our industry if we can learn how to harness the data and deliver it in an accurate and meaningful way- providing the ability to persuade and influence the decision-making process by communicating in a way that can be easily understood. 

In this interactive program, we will explore how data can be processed, visualized and adapted to help firms analyze and communicate trends, concepts and relationships and then leverage that data to better collaborate, share best practices and streamline efficiencies.

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