Insights from Marketing and PR Innovators Outside Legal Marketing

Insights from Marketing and PR Innovators Outside Legal Marketing

Domains: Marketing Management and Leadership & Client Services

Have you ever thought, “How would someone outside my industry deal with this?”. Join us for an exciting conversation with marketers from other industries. Discover how they are addressing the questions of the moment, what they are doing to create points of distinction, and the unique approaches they are taking to distinguish their companies in crowded marketplaces. 

Learn cutting-edge best practices from other service industry professionals. How do finance professionals create sticky client interactions? What can branding firms teach us about impactful communications? And how can lessons learned in crisis communication help you set your brand apart? 

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discover parallels between legal marketing and other service-related industries.
  • Understand new methods for dealing with common concerns.
  • Create new approaches to progress challenging situations.
Lewis Greenberg, Regional Marketing Director, Marcum LLP
Morgan MacLeod, CEO, Cubicle Fugitive
Joseph Panetta, Global Chief Marketing & Innovation Office, Immediation
Erin Sabo Robinson, VP of Account Services, Identity
Mark Sachs, Senior VP of Client Engagement, Red Banyan

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