Inclusion Insights: Shaping Diverse Workspaces - A Series of DEI TED-Style Talks

Inclusion Insights: Shaping Diverse Workspaces - A Series of DEI TED-Style Talks

Domains: Business of Law, Business Development

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the legal world is not just about meeting quotas or ticking boxes. It's about creating an environment where every attorney feels valued, understood, and poised for success. Join us for an enlightening series of three 15-minute TED-Style Talks that delve deep into the less-visible challenges impeding diversity initiatives within law firms.

Following these insightful talks, our speakers will unite for a candid panel discussion moderated by Martha Joerger. Here, they'll tackle pressing questions on law firm DEI, sharing their expertise and experiences to pave the way for meaningful change. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversation, challenge conventional wisdom, and leave with actionable insights to propel their firm's DEI efforts forward.

Beyond Tokens: The Dangers and Impacts of Tokenism in LawVivian Coco 
Unpack the harmful practices of tokenism, where firms superficially appear diverse without making substantive changes. This talk will shed light on the dangers of viewing diversity as a box to tick and will provide insights into recognizing and rectifying such practices.

Building Blocks of Belonging: Psychological Safety and Inclusion in Law FirmsRudhir Krishtel
Discover the importance of fostering psychological safety to promote genuine inclusion and support business development. This talk will dive into the strategies to create an environment where attorneys from all backgrounds can speak up, take risks, and pursue their ideas, because a sense of belonging can have a huge impact on both personal and business growth.

Empowerment in Practice: Coaching Diverse Attorneys to Thrive Lauren Buell 
Delve into the tools and techniques that can empower attorneys from diverse backgrounds to build their books of business. Learn how to support, mentor, and coach attorneys to amplify their voices and ascend the ranks.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify the harmful practices of tokenism within law firms, recognize the negative impact of treating diversity as a superficial requirement, and gain knowledge about effective strategies to recognize and rectify tokenistic practices
  • Discuss how to foster psychological safety and genuine inclusion in law firms, enhancing attorney engagement and innovation
  • Acquire skills and knowledge to coach and empower diverse attorneys, enabling them to build successful practices and advance in their careers effectively
Lauren Buell , Senior Buisness Development Director, Perkins Coie LLP
Vivian Coco, Director of Marketing and Client Relations, Licks Attorneys
Rudhir Krishtel, CEO & Founder, Krishtel Coaching
Martha Joerger, Director of Business Development and Marketing, Meyers Nave

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