In-Sync with Your Clients: Leveraging Technology to Better Connect with In-House Counsel

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Domain: Client Services

We’ve all seen general counsel panels and too often they say the same thing: know my business and bring me solutions!

But how do GCs and other in-house counsel rely on technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their legal department’s operations? And what technology solutions do they really want from their outside counsel?

Hear from a panel of in-house counsel from a diverse range of industries who use technology platforms to deliver cutting-edge services and products to their external clients and customers. Learn what technology solutions they value and expect from outside legal service providers and how your firm can benefit from being an early adopter and service-oriented solutions provider.

Jan Anne Dubin, Jan Anne Dubin Consulting
Scott Curran, Beyond Advisers; Senior Legal Adviser, Clinton Foundation
Dennis C. Garcia, Microsoft
Alice Greene, Rewards Network
Dan Harper, CTS Corporation

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This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience

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