How to Use Google Analytics to Supercharge Marketing & ROI

How to Use Google Analytics to Supercharge Marketing & ROI

Domains: Technology Management, Communications

Law firms today face the challenge of creating and implementing optimized marketing strategies to maximize the return on marketing spend. Learn what top firms are doing, focus on driving prospective clients to your firm’s website and increasing conversion, and stop wasting marketing spend now!

We’ll show you to use Google Analytics 4 as the cornerstone of an integrated digital marketing strategy to drive your firm’s content marketing, digital advertising, and social media platforms, including:

  • What key metrics to use to determine if your website is positively resonating
  • How to create the content feedback loop for getting clients on Google
  • How Google Data Studio and FirmMetrics can be used to set up key metrics
Learning Outcomes:
  • Design an evidence-based marketing strategy fueled by analytics for exponential brand growth around a firm’s practice
  • Create a marketing campaign from competing marketing opportunities, such as those for SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, social media, paid directory inclusion, content development, and other marketing possibilities
  • Leverage Google Analytics and other tools for data-driven decision making, including where to look (and how to tell) if specific marketing efforts are cost-justified
  • Adjust marketing campaigns based upon metrics results to increase marketing spend on favorable campaigns and eliminate spend on underperforming campaigns. This presentation will empower participants to adopt a data-centric approach in their marketing strategies, leading to effective spending, enhanced online visibility, and increased profits
Desire'e Martinelli, Director of Marketing & Analytics, Esquire Interactive
Jeff Lantz, CEO, Esquire Interactive

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