How to Build a Thought Leadership Platform

How to Build a Thought Leadership Platform

Domain: Technology Management

To be considered a true thought leader, a lawyer must be recognized by clients and peers as an authority in their field. Writing articles and speaking at conferences are a start. But, to truly attain the status of an authority, lawyers must develop and maintain a thought leadership platform. In this session, you’ll gain guidance and ideas to help you create and sustain a thought leadership platform.

Topics include:

  • What is a thought leadership platform?
  • The importance of original and curated content in developing a thought leader position
  • How you can strategically build your networks
  • The role of social media in building a thought leadership platform
  • How to identify influencers and “steal” their audience

Guy Alvarez, Chief Engagement Officer, Good2bSocial
Robert-Paul Sagner, Senior Manager, Business Development, Allen & Overy LLP

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