How Journey Maps Fuel Content Strategy

How Journey Maps Fuel Content Strategy

Domain: Business Development,  Communications

Law firms and businesses across industries are looking to their customer experiences for opportunities to differentiate themselves, gain market advantage, and find relief from the never-ending pressures of commoditization and price compression.

Client journey maps help paint a picture of clients’ current experiences and, when done right, can uncover a better way of anticipating and serving their needs. In this session, Kat Kollett, Director, CX Strategy at One North, and Kevin Leahy, Director, Brand & Content Strategy at One North, will discuss best practices for creating end-to-end client journey maps. They will also explore how these tools should affect brand, content and marketing strategy in order to truly propel the firm forward. 

Learning Outcomes:
  • Create an insightful and actionable journey 
  • Leverage a journey to inform how content should be delivered to clients
  • Improve their brand and content strategy
Kat Kollett, Director, CX Strategy, One North
Kevin Leahy, Director, Content & Brand Strategy, One North

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