How Clients Grade You

How Clients Grade You

Domain: Client Services

Every firm wants the gold star or the A+ grade from clients, but simply having a big smile and placing an apple on the teacher’s desk clearly isn’t enough anymore.  In a market where demand for law firm services is stagnant, understanding how clients evaluate law firms is an essential component of retaining, and growing, business.  So, how do clients distinguish those firms that are really outstanding from those that are average or below par?  In this session, panel members will share how companies are using data and metrics to grade law firms, how evaluation data is shared (both internally and with firms), trends they are seeing in evaluation metrics, and some of the challenges to using performance metrics.

Topics include:

  • Understand when, how, and for what clients are using metrics (i.e., retention decisions, price negotiations, annual reviews)
  • Identify which performance metrics are most important to a particular client
  • Understand how clients use and share law firm performance metrics
  • Understand how clients use metrics to drive action

David Cambria, Archer Daniels Midland
Christopher Ende, UnitedLex
Casey Flaherty, Procertas

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