From Art to Science: The Coming Paradigm Shift for Law Firm Websites

Sponsored by the 2016 Legal Marketing Technology Conference Midwest and the Social & Digital Media SIG

Domain: Business Development

A confluence of new technologies and market forces will be ushering in a new type of law firm website that sets itself apart from previous generations of law firm websites in three remarkable ways:

  • It uses new, powerful analytics to track website visitors, by name.
  • It generates and nurtures new business leads.
  • It quantifies success.

Law firms will inevitably begin to think of their websites very differently. These websites will be considered proactive business development tools whose performance can be measured and optimized. And this could revolutionize the field of legal marketing by shifting it from being an art to a science.

Robert Algeri, co-founder of Great Jakes Marketing Company, will examine the tremendous benefits that law firms can expect from the next generation of websites—as well as the challenges to making them work. During his presentation, he will touch on a variety of highly debatable topics, including:

  • Fear – Will law firms be willing to adopt “scary,” “Big Brother” tracking tools?
  • Technology – Will firms be willing to make the necessary technology investments?
  • Staffing – Do marketing departments have the right people to analyze the data?
  • Content Creation – Are firms ready to become publishers? 

Robert Algeri, Co-Founder, Great Jakes

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