Exploring Global Trends in Legal Marketing and Tackling Common Challenges

Exploring Global Trends in Legal Marketing and Tackling Common Challenges

Domains: Business of Law, Business Development

Join us for a unique session where legal marketing and business development professionals from  different countries converge to discuss the global landscape of our industry. Explore how cultural differences shape business practices, discover innovative ways they collaborate and do business with U.S.-based law firms, and share insights into the state of our industry in their regions. This panel discussion isn't just informative for our U.S. audience; it's a hands-on opportunity to see how local legal marketers approach their craft and tackle common difficulties providing valuable insights for anyone seeking to market foreign practices effectively.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discuss how international firms do business and leverage best collaborative practices. 
  • Demonstrate the key role of BD in channeling business efforts and obtaining tangible results
  • Understand the importance of Business Development professionals in building and maintaining their own network (locally and cross-border) 
  • Obtain at least three best practices for your everyday BD and how to apply these when operating internationally 
Marisol Saravia, Business Development Manager, Hernández & Cía. 
Eugenia Sermeño, Business Development & Chief Marketing Officer, Arias Law
Katherine Hutchinson, Senior Manager, International Business Development, Bennett Jones LLP
Peter Skinner, Business Development & Marketing Director, Wedlake Bell

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