Experience Management: The Ultimate Intersection of Law, Marketing and Technology

Domain: Technology Management

There are few things that are more strategic — and paralyzing — than managing experience in law firms. It is where the cash lives in your firm. Success requires a marriage of people, process and technology — and failures often spotlight the breakdown in one of these areas.

In a fluid discussion, you will learn what victory looks like from two perspectives: that of a successful chief marketing officer at a prominent AmLaw 10 firm and a vendor/partner who has implemented these strategic tools in more than a dozen of the world’s largest law firms. We will discuss:

  • What is the problem and what are the business drivers?
  • How do you define the requirements?
  • What should you consider? Cloud? Web-based?
  • How do you ensure successful deployment and launch?
  • What obstacles must be overcome (e.g. law firm culture, lawyers are busy, under-staffing, budget considerations, previous bad experiences)?
  • What happens post-launch? How do you keep it fresh?

Deborah McMurray, Chief Executive Officer and Strategy Architect, ContentPilot LLC
Kate Cain, Director of Market Intelligence, Sidely Austin LLP

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