Engaging Your Rising Stars

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership

Rising Stars. They are the key to your firm’s future.
How do you develop and keep them?

A Harvard Business Review study recently reported that only 15% of firms in North America believe they have enough qualified successors for key positions, such as business development leadership.

Competition for talent is fierce, and it is increasingly difficult for firms to develop and retain their high-potentials. As senior partners retire in big numbers, developing future leaders is more critical than ever.

During this session, Rick Davis will offer insights from years of experience working with professional services firms to develop their rising stars into the growth leaders of tomorrow.

Problem: High-potentials aren’t being developed to grow business in the modern marketplace.

  • They are not being mentored and developed sufficiently by experienced partners
  • The business climate and what it takes to sell professional services have become more challenging

What doesn’t work is clear.

  • Doing nothing — expecting them to use innate skills and instincts to learn by experience
  • Leaving it up to experienced partners — skills aren’t passed on and may be outdated
  • The train-and-go approach often fails to gain traction or promote a growth culture

What does work is straightforward.

  • Integrating learning, real-world experiences and coaching builds personal ownership and accountability
  • Treating high-potentials like high-potentials ignites their passion and confidence

Solution: With integrated development, high-potentials:

  • Will generate more revenue
  • Are less likely to leave the firm
  • Are promoted to partner sooner

Rick Davis, Founder, Athens Partner, Inc.

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This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience. 

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