Emergence of the Citizen Data Scientist

Emergence of the Citizen Data Scientist

Domains: Technology Management, Business of Law

Until recently, the world of data analytics has been the exclusive domain of IT professionals with dedicated data scientists centered on developing complex algorithmic models with time-consuming dashboard and reporting builds. However, with the release of user-friendly and intuitive business intelligence tools, ordinary users in everyday roles now have the opportunity to take control of their own data. Marketing, pricing, and project management professionals need to harness their own data to start looking ahead or they will be left behind.

This session will explain what a Citizen Data Scientist is and dive into why this audience is the right role to build out their own data analytics. The session will demonstrate real-life examples of what it takes to go beyond the numbers, using the right visuals to tell the story behind the data, identify trends, and leverage that information into making predictions - all in a matter of hours, not months. Best practices will be shared by both presenters based on their own experiences harnessing and presenting dashboards and analyses to both internal and external clients in value-based financial reports, profitability dashboards, and knowledge management projects.

Topics Include:

  • Define what a Citizen Data Scientist is and demonstrate why the audience of marketing, pricing, project management professionals is the best role to become subject matter experts in data analytics for their organization.
  • Discuss what it takes to start the process of discovering your data, building a powerful dashboard and reports based on that data, and how to drive organization policy for collecting and presenting data into the future.
  • Identify key performance metrics for internal and external clients. Discuss strategies for overcoming bad data and develop strategies for collecting additional data.

James Michael Boyer, Ballard Spahr, LLP
Daniel Pope, Ballard Spahr, LLP

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