Easy, Essential, and Impactful: Two Commonsense Tips to Plan Better Meetings and Better Estimates

Easy, Essential, and Impactful: Two Commonsense Tips to Plan Better Meetings and Better Estimates

Sponsored by: Client Value SIG
Domain: Client Services
BoK Competency: Project Management

In our day-to-day search to surface and serve client value, we can be hobbled by poor planning and lack of execution. These two practical tips promise to make planning and execution as painless and stress free as possible.

Tip One: Better Meetings promises to make meetings better by making them shorter, more relevant, and laser-focused on client value. This method, the Run Down, is proven to cement team cohesion by letting 10+ people discuss their accomplishments, execution priorities, biggest challenges, and points of synergy—all in 30 minutes. It helps everyone separate things that move the needle on value from common fire-fighting, but still preserves time to work the biggest problems in the room. Even more importantly, it develops prioritizing and assessing value into effortless routines. If a group of people use this process repeatedly, they’ll have no choice but to become a team.

Tip Two: Better Estimates makes credibility and promises better by mitigating the things that doom estimates in the first place. Namely, optimism bias, not accounting for the confidence of an estimate, not accounting for other likely scenarios, and not accounting for all the other stuff that needs to happen first or in parallel. Good estimation isn’t the sole province of project managers, but is necessary in every job at every level. Those who can do it well see rapid success. Estimation is hard, but this tip breaks it down into a few easy to remember and easy to do steps. To put those steps into action, a walkthrough of a custom excel calculator is provided.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify best practices for meetings and estimation outside legal and discuss how to port those practices into our context
  • Review a case study of how these tips aided a brand new team to become high-performing fast
  • Utilize a toolkit to implement the two main tips

      Sam Davenport, Director of Business Innovation and Finance, Davis Wright Tremaine (Am Law 100)

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