DNA of the Successful Modern Law Firm: Bringing Silos Together for Client Advantage

DNA of the Successful Modern Law Firm: Bringing Silos Together for Client Advantage

Domain: Business of Law 

Competitive demands are calling for firms to bring people and data together for the benefit of the client.  This requires business process and cultural integration and a digital ecosystem that enables collaboration at critical times across the matter lifecycle. 

The challenge is breaking the silos to create consistent repeatable processes and it involves multiple stakeholders to achieve a result desired by the firm and the client.

This panel brings together the views of a CMO, CPO and CFO to discuss issues that arise around the client engagement lifecycle from pursuit, pitch, intake/conflict, matter engagement, and client feedback to understand how these roles are critically involved in the following questions:

  1. Anticipating the needs of the client, developing seamless client views, journey mapping
  2.  Cross-functional pitching practices
  3.  Align towards client goals, including post-matter checks
  4.  Pricing in pursuit of business
  5.  Strategic business acceptance processes
  6.  Delivering on the promise of efficiency, resourcing
  7.  Information sharing practices in the face of confidentiality obligations
  8.  New client-driven metrics
  9.  The multi-layer promise of experience management
  10.  Post-matter learning and refinement
  11.  Client intelligence, guided-actions, sophisticated “playbooks”

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the importance of multi-functional collaboration in today's competitive marketplace for law firms
  • Illustrate the issues the bring functions together
  • Highlight creative approaches towards solving them

Stuart Dodds, Baker & McKenzie
Mark Medice, Intapp
Toby Brown, Perkins Coie LLP
Katherine Miletich, Vedder Price

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