Digital Transformation Webinar Series: Part I: Message in the Market

Digital Transformation Webinar Series: Part I: Message in the Market

Sponsored by: CMO SIG & Marketing Technology SIG
Domain: Communications 
BoK Competencies: Message and Strategy Planning, Measure Message Effectiveness, & Interactive and Digital Marketing 

The integration of digital technology to transform marketing, business development and sales is changing how we operate and deliver service and value to our clients. While digitization began to be used more widely at the beginning of this century, the pace of digitalization adoption and leverage accelerated during the pandemic. Digital solutions enable and amplify experience, opportunities and efficiencies. In this series we discuss marketing technology’s impact on the client and legal marketer experience, process, decisions and creativity. 

Part I: Message in the Market: Today marketing departments utilize marketing technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives. It has become a staple in digital marketing campaigns and optimizing marketing efforts across all marketing channels. In this webinar we will discuss what our message in the market looks like. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss what your message in the market looks like
  • Identify how to achieve marketing goals
  • Understand how to optimize marketing efforts

Jessica Aries, Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant
Sue Serna, Founder & CEO, Serna Social

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Note: Part two of this series was an interactive roundtable discussion. And due to this format, this is not available for non-members to purchase. 


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