Digital Strategy in Law: Setting the Foundation

Digital Strategy in Law: Setting the Foundation

Domain: Business Development, Technology Management

Digital strategy focuses on how technology - combined with tailored and aligned processes, skills, and data  - can fundamentally create a new level of service, fuel growth, and enable future success.  This capability allows law firms to shape the interactions we have -- with our clients, the market, and amongst ourselves -- to create more impact and achieve measurable success.  It is a mindset as much as it is a strategic capability, and the foundation upon which the modernization of legal services should be built.

An effective digital strategy needs to be designed to match the unique environment of an organization  considering its teams, workflows, business practices, objectives and culture.  It is a roadmap that creates clarity, confidence, and a drive toward action so that law firms can create new points of interaction, impact and measurable success.  It is very costly to assume that a digital strategy is just about technology.  Every service is comprised of four elements:

  1. People: the humans who perform work as well as those that interact with and use the service and its output. 
  2. Process: the streams of activities and tasks necessary to request, produce, and deliver the service. 
  3. Technology:  the applied capabilities (data-enabled, informational, digital, automation) of software and applications that support the performance of the service.
  4. Experience: the human and conscious factors – how the service providers, supporters, and customers/clients/users perceive the experience of the service.

Optimizing and digitizing services often requires re-engineering, re-designing, and re-imagining of each of these core elements. Sometimes a team has all the resources it needs to do this without having to incur significant capital expense or time commitment, and a mere change of perspective and prioritization is needed.  Other times, a major investment in new resources will be required.  Because each team and organization is unique, there is no plug-n-play approach.

In this session, we will explore what it means to become "digital," what that means as applied to the legal industry (more specifically), and how law firms can begin to set the stage for this important journey now.
Topics Include:

  • Define and explore the meaning of "digital." Translate this concept for the legal environment and explore the value therein.
  • Build awareness around the frameworks and constructs required to think differently about the digital model in law firms.
  • Describe and analyze the basic steps in the digital strategy process, as applied to the practice of law
  • Explore the practical and tactical challenges in executing a given digital strategy
  • Unpack the type of work and investments a team or organization needs to undertake in order to succeed, as well as the best practices for change management

Andrew Baker, HBR Consulting
Kim Craig, Bold Duck Studio

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