Deploying and Supporting a Global Matter Management System: How-Tos and Lessons Learned

Deploying and Supporting a Global Matter Management System: How-Tos and Lessons Learned

Domain: Client Services

After a year of traveling the world to deploy a new matter management system to be used by all of the lawyers at Mayer Brown, Barry Mehew (Global Director of Pricing and Legal Project Management) and Jason Pyrz (Global Operations Manager of Legal Project Management) are ready to share the best practices they and their team developed and honed, and the lessons they learned along the way.

From the initial planning stages, to the training and demonstration sessions, to the post-deployment adoption and support stage, this session will examine both the successes and the learning opportunities experienced by the Mayer Brown team during their recently-completed firm-wide deployment of a matter management system to over 1,000 lawyers throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Using the Mayer Brown deployment as a case study, Mehew and Pyrz will show how they planned for the deployment, and what they ultimately learned over the course of fourteen months, three continents, and over fifty training and demonstration sessions.
Topics Include:

  • Develop and execute a successful matter management system deployment plan, appropriately scaled to each firm's unique identity (size, geography, practice areas, etc.).
  • Maximize participation and engagement not only during the deployment, but also in those critical, early post-deployment weeks and months.
  • Identify and utilize existing resources within the firm to maximize success. Leverage the skills of support staff (marketing, IT, BD, attorney development, etc.), and local resources in each office to achieve a successful deployment.
  •  Build appropriate teams to ultimately support the adoption and continued use of the matter management system.

Jason Pyrz, Esq., PMP, ALPM, Mayer Brown LLP
Barry J Mehew, Mayer Brown LLP

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