Demonstrate Leadership in Your Firm by Applying Design Thinking

Demonstrate Leadership in Your Firm by Applying Design Thinking

Sponsored by: Talent Development Committee
Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership
BoK Competency: Firm Organizational Structure and Dynamics

Design Thinking is a creative process for innovation. In the same way successful lawyers use a process for preparing for a court case or going about business development, Design Thinking is a process with five distinct steps to develop a better way to deliver legal services or solve a challenging problem. Legal Design Thinking (LDT) can be applied to develop new ways to combine human-centered design and technology to meet the ever-changing demands of the legal profession. Legal Design Thinking results in not only more creative and effective solutions, but also a closer relationship and collaboration between law firms and their clients, the legal departments.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn what is Design Thinking including the critical 5 steps
  • Identify how this concept is applied to law firms and legal marketing
  • Discuss how you can use Design Thinking to demonstrate leadership within your firm

Mark Beese, Founder, Design Thinking Legal; President, Leadership for Lawyers
Mandy Hicks, Director of Marketing & Communication, English Lucas Priest & Owsley, LLP

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