Debate: What is a "Value-Based Relationship?"

Debate:  What is a "Value-Based Relationship?"

Domain: Client Services

In a head-to-head, point / counterpoint format, it’s a debate on the meaning of “value based relationship.” How does this vary from a “value added offering” or does it? Examine specific examples of law firm value added offerings and their respective objectives, then get real time feedback on these offerings from a global law department operations perspective. Learn what are considered table stakes in the increasingly competitive game of “added value.” Understand the differences in perception of the offerings. Audience participation is an important part of the debate, so come prepared with YOUR examples of added value and be prepared for candid feedback.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine ~10 examples of “value added offerings” from law firms and get candid reactions from a global corporate legal department perspective
  • Analyze  what offerings have moved from “value add” to table stake
  • Define the nuances between the perception and reality of the offerings

Sharon Quaintance, HBR Consulting
David Cambria, Archer Daniels Midland

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