Current Trends for CMOs: From Comp to Staffing to the Ever-changing Role

Current Trends for CMOs: From Comp to Staffing to the Ever-changing Role

Sponsored by: CMO/Senior Marketer SIG 
Domain: Business Development

In an era where the dynamics between clients and their outside counsel are changing dramatically, it is critical that law firm marketing and business development departments support efforts to maximize those relationships. As a result, the Chief Marketing Officer has become an essential member of the management team in law firms of all sizes and in all geographic areas.

As we move into 2017, what does the landscape look like for law firm CMOs? The role has changed in many ways, from the skills required to the compensation paid. In this webinar, industry experts with a birds-eye view of hiring trends, department structure and salary findings will draw on their extensive experience to address a wide range of topics, including:

  • The evolution of the law firm CMO
  • The CMO’s role today: Trends in hiring, experience, tenure, titles, reporting and responsibilities
  • Business development vs. marketing: How do the two work together?
  • Interacting with others in the firm: Collaborating with other C-suite colleagues as well as partners and practice group professionals
  • Staffing the department: Positions that are trending and interesting new titles in the marketing department
  • Compensation: How it’s structured and factors that influence pay

Learning Outcomes:

  • Maintain and enhancing client relationships in the CMO role (e.g., pricing, legal project management, staffing, diversity, data and client feedback).
  • Learn trends in staffing a high-performing department
  • Identify factors that impact the CMO’s compensation

Wendy Taylor, Founder and CEO of Wendy Taylor Consulting
Sally Schmidt, President of Schmidt Marketing, Inc.
Eva Wisnik, President of Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc.
Stephen Nelson, Managing Principal, The McCormick Group, Inc.

This webinar is open to CMO SIG members. 

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