CRM: The Next Generation; Are You Ready?

Domain: Technology Management

Join us for an interactive discussion to hear what’s next for Client Relationship Management (CRM). Firms utilize CRM for many benefits from managing mailings to full-fledged business development programs — and the needs are as diverse as the firms. Together, we will explore ways firms are using CRM to do cool things like expense capturing, gamification and providing interactive desktop tools for the lawyers. We will also talk about decision-based tools, defining processes/workflow and the ever-important ROI.

The future is clear, though, that moving towards a value-based CRM tool is critical for success.

Jennifer M. Whittier, Client Relationship and Operating Officer, Cole Valley Software
Kimberly P. Hafley, Director of Marketing & Recruitment, Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC

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This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience. 



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