CRM Clinic: Best Practices for CRM Success

CRM Clinic: Best Practices for CRM Success

Domain: Technology Management

When it comes to deriving value from a CRM system, law firms continue to struggle with bad data, lack of buy-in, and the ability (or inability) to connect to other systems. Whatever your particular CRM challenge, we have an impartial CRM expert available to help solve the problems you have.

Through interactive roundtable discussions you can engage in open discussions with a group of your industry peers, as you rotate from table to table. Each table addresses a different topic and is facilitated by a CRM expert.

Christina Fritsch, Founder and CRM Success Consultant, CLIENTSFirst Consulting
Jennifer Klyse, Owner and Principal, Klyse Advisory Group LLC
Lynn Oser, Founder, LKO Information Management Consulting, LLC
Michael Warren, Vice President, CRM Practice and Marketing, Wilson Allen

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