Collaboration in Practice: Real World Case Studies on Working with Alternative Service Providers

Domain: Business of Law

Leaders from alternative service providers come together for a panel alongside in-house legal executives to discuss the nuts and bolts of how different kinds of legal engagements are collaboratively handled between firms, clients and their respective providers. The goal of this session is to illustrate using real world case studies how these different entities come together to unbundle legal tasks, establish communications protocols, utilize project metrics and leverage technological tools to deliver modern legal services in the 21st century. The panel will address the strengths and challenges of these hybrid execution models and attendees should expect to leave with a better, working understanding of the kinds of matters on which these collaborative models are most commonly deployed, and how they work on an operational versus theoretical level.

Brian Stearns, Axiom
Mark R Williams, Kroll Ontrack
Brandon Spurlock, Strategic Legal Solutions

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