Client Experience & Strategy: A “Both, And” Proposition for Post-COVID Success

Client Experience & Strategy: A “Both, And” Proposition for Post-COVID Success

Domains: Client Services, Business of Law

Strategy creation is not new, but it’s also not as popular in the legal industry as it is with our clients. Similarly, over 85% of the Forbes 2000 actively manage client experience (CX) and only 3% of professional services have caught on. In these unprecedented times especially, firms should be engaging in these processes. Even with limited resources or time constraints leaders don’t have to choose one or the other. They can focus on a "Both, And" strategy.

Creating strategic initiatives requires us to ask ourselves who will we serve? What do we have to offer them? And how can we meet their needs differently than our competitors? Answering these questions requires an understanding of the clients’ hierarchy of needs. What do they really care about? How do we know? And when in their interactions with our firm do we have an opportunity to meet those needs? (All questions you would ask when managing CX.) This exercise can be a difficult proposition even for small firms, but especially for midsize and large law firms with disparate and siloed practices. This interactive session is designed to guide law firm leaders through the process of answering some of these questions about their own clients and using the answers to plan for a strategic posture that keeps the right clients coming back for more in this post-COVID “new normal”.

Participants will leave with:

  • A clear understanding of the importance of developing client personas and client empathy maps, as well as how a well-designed client experience (CX) determines successful service delivery and results in return business

Topics Include:

  • Create outlines of the client personas and empathy maps conducive to development of both strategic initiatives and client experience.
  • Discover areas of overlap and identify possible opportunities to strengthen ROI.
  • Discuss the importance of empathy in designing the client experience especially during these unprecedented times.

Brandi Michelle Hobbs, Bell, Davis & Pitt, P.A.
Heather L. McCullough, MBA, Society 54, LLC
Chandra Storrusten, MBA, Visible Value

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