Championing CI: Unpacking 2023's Successes

Championing CI: Unpacking 2023's Successes

Sponsored by: Competitive Intelligence SIG
Domain: Business Development
BoK Competency: Competitive Intelligence

Join the LMA Competitive Intelligence SIG for a roundtable discussion on CI project highlights from 2023. Attendees are encouraged to share their own real-life examples of successful or well-received CI projects that took place last year. Learn about CI projects taking place at other law firms, get ideas for your own programs, and lean on the SIG community to flesh out new initiatives. Competitive Intelligence professionals from multiple firms will share a CI project they worked on last year, how they accomplished it, and its impact on the business. We look forward to a collaborative and informative session!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore successful CI projects from various firms implemented in 2023
  • Identify initiatives that may be applicable to launch at your own firm  
  • Discuss key project success factors and risks 
Ashley Elliott, Competitive Intelligence Manager, Frost Brown Todd 
Rachel Cohee, Consultant, Fireman & Company 

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