Can you hear me now? Building your website for voice search

Can you hear me now? Building your website for voice search

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Domain: Technology Management 
BoK Competencies: Website Management & Analytics and SEO

With one-third of the United States population using voice search features, one question we are frequently asked by our clients is, "How can we improve our website's voice search ranking?" This might sound like a simple question but producing the desired results from voice search requires thinking outside of the parameters of the conventional content strategies we are all familiar with. Why? Because searching with our voice is different than typing a query on a desktop. In this workshop, our team will provide practical tips for your website design, SEO strategy, content strategy that will lead to higher search engine rankings, higher site authority, better leads, and higher revenue potential.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review what is voice search.
  • Help audience to understand linkage between voice search, SEO, website traffic, quality results, and increased revenue. 
  • Demonstrate the importance of local search. 
  • Discuss how to design for a voice search optimized website. 
  • Demonstrate how to develop your content strategy to maximize your voice search opportunities. 
  • Provide real world examples of writing content for your website that will leverage voice search.

Lynn Foley, CEO, fSquared Marketing
Kirsten Starcher, Lead Developer, fSquared Marketing

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