Can marketing lists make or break your business development strategy?

Can marketing lists make or break your business development strategy?

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Domain:  Business Development, Business of Law, Client Services, Communications, Marketing Management and Leadership, Technology Management

The status of legal CRM is in a state of flux with most firms either hunkering down with the system they implemented years ago or nervously evaluating the latest entrants to what was InterAction’s stronghold for the past decade. A recent survey by the Ackert Group showed that most law firms have implemented some sort of traditional CRM, yet the data doesn’t show much in terms of effectiveness in contributing to driving business development efforts.

While a handful of firms have solved the CRM ‘Rubik’s Cube’, the majority have resigned themselves to being content with an electronic Rolodex that may or may not have the best possible information for execution. This is the baseline issue affecting most legal CMO’s: the inability to drive an analytical approach due to the lack of relevant and accurate information to drive their business development strategy.Many innovative law firms have begun to transition from a legacy marketing communication strategy focused on alerts, newsletters and themed events to a data-driven targeted strategy that focuses on client acquisition, management and retention. The session will focus on how innovative law firms are looking to break out of the traditional CRM mold.

Presenter: Joe Przybyla, Introhive

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