Calling On All Intentional Leaders – Our World Needs You!

Calling On All Intentional Leaders – Our World Needs You!

Sponsored by: LMA International Talent Development Committee
Domain: Marketing Management & Leadership
BoK Competency: Firm Organizational Structure and Dynamics

Intentional leadership is not a title, role, or tenure. Intentional leadership takes courage, practice, and awareness.

An Intentional leader is anyone who consciously chooses to own their goals, their mission and their purpose - for themselves, and their teams. More than ever before, 2023 challenges us legal professionals to effectively adapt and innovate in order to be successful in a rapidly evolving, high pressure industry.

As leaders, we are being called to step into our power through intention and awareness with a keen eye on the collective impact this will have. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the dynamics of Intentional Leadership
  • Defining the benefits of Intentional Leadership both in our professional and personal lives
  • Daily Intentional Leadership skills to employ as a legal industry professional 

Axelle Flemming, VP of Talent and Transformation, K2 Services


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