Building a Sustainable P3 Infrastructure - Getting Started and Maintaining Momentum

Building a Sustainable P3 Infrastructure - Getting Started and Maintaining Momentum

Domain: Business Development 

Nearly every firm and legal department has aspects of P3 underway. But few have built a structure to support a continuous improvement culture that successfully incorporates the elements required for sustainability: strategy, PI, PM, pricing, practice management, and client value. This workshop exposes participants to findings and best practices from numerous in-house and law firm case studies. Then, attendees will participate in exercises to link various elements in the critical areas of Voice of the Client, governance, finance, business development & marketing, innovation, culture, and incentives in order to build a sustainable P3 infrastructure.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the common roadblocks for building a sustainable P3 infrastructure, why these roadblocks persist despite overwhelming evidence that change is necessary and overdue, and what others have done to overcome these obstacles.
  • Discover how to lean into the interconnectedness of the P3 disciplines and firm strategy and operations in order to get everyone on board, rather than hope that lawyers will come around on their own
  • Clarify how to motivate and equip firm management, both lawyers and business professionals, to lead the charge, even in cultures where management does not play a strong role
  • Use change management 101 principles such as communication, gamification, and incentives to foster a sense of shared mission

Timothy B. Corcoran, Corcoran Consulting Group
Catherine Alman MacDonagh, Esq., Legal Lean Sigma Institute / Legal Mocktail / LSSO

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