Body of Knowledge (BoK) Business Development: Presentation Skills Competency Bundle

Body of Knowledge (BoK) Business Development: Presentation Skills Competency Bundle

The Business Development: Presentation Skills Competency Bundle contains LMA webinars to help you excel in presentation skills. The contents of this bundle were curated by the LMA Education Advisory Committee and contain the best webinars available on this topic.  

By completing the programs in this bundle, you will learn:

  • Ways to generate curiosity about your practice with everyone you encounter
  • How to avoid the cumbersome "elevator pitch" that turns people off
  • Practical steps for building rapport with individuals at all levels of your firm
  • Tactics, strategies and approaches for increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome
  • The importance of understanding your target audiences and ways you can learn about them
  • How to utilize data to facilitate internal firm conversations about content strategy
  • Two things you must have to establish instant rapport with others
  • And much more!

The bundle contains the following programs:

    • Wildfire: Creating Interest in Your Practice with Everyone You Meet
    • Instant Access: Making Great & Lasting First Impressions
      • Successful Approaches to Persuasion: How to Enroll Others in Your Vision
      • Livestreaming for Lawyers: What Is It and Is It for Lawyers?
      • Attorney Persuasion: Powerful Techniques for Getting Your Way More Often

      This bundle is focused on the Presentation Skills competency, which falls under the Business Development domain of the LMA Body of Knowledge (BoK). The BoK is a foundational resource that defines the core skills necessary for legal marketers to succeed. It outlines the essential and accepted domains, competencies and associated skill sets within the legal marketing profession at every level. 

      This bundle is comprised solely of LMA webinars, which are a complimentary benefit to LMA members. 

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