Body of Knowledge (BoK) Business Development: Competitive Intelligence Competency Bundle

Body of Knowledge (BoK) Business Development: Competitive Intelligence Competency Bundle

The Business Development: Competitive Intelligence Competency Bundle contains LMA webinars and conference recordings to help you excel in competitive intelligence (CI). The contents of this bundle were curated by the LMA Education Advisory Committee and contain the best webinars and conference session recordings available on this topic.  





By completing the programs in this bundle, you will learn:

  • How to ask the right questions in a new CI role
  • How to determine CI success factors in your firm
  • Helpful tips on developing a CI team internally
  • Ways to identify individuals with the right attributes to provide the analysis senior leadership require to have a successful law firm
  • The future of CI in law firms and how the CMO can help shape the use of CI internally
  • And much more!

This bundle contains the following programs:

  • Insights and Keys to Competitive Intelligence Success at Your Law Firm
  • Starting a CI Function: Need to Know
  • How Collaborative Intelligence is Key to Knowing Your Client – Best Practices and Management Strategies for Small to Mid-Size Law Firm Library and Marketing Collaboration
  • The Road Ahead: Using Competitive Intelligence to Drive Business Development

This bundle is focused on the Competitive Intelligence competency, which falls under the Business Development domain of the LMA Body of Knowledge (BoK). The BoK is a foundational resource that defines the core skills necessary for legal marketers to succeed. It outlines the essential and accepted domains, competencies and associated skill sets within the legal marketing profession at every level. 

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