Body of Knowledge (BoK) Business Development: Coaching and Training Competency Bundle

Body of Knowledge (BoK) Business Development: Coaching and Training Competency Bundle

The Business Development: Coaching and Training Competency Bundle contains LMA webinars and conference recordings to help you excel in coaching and training. The contents of these bundles were curated by the LMA Education Advisory Committee and contain the best webinars and conference session recordings available on this topic.  

By completing the programs in this bundle, you will learn:

  • Basic elements within the business development function
  • How to impact the bottom-line, just by doing research
  • The sales cycle for legal services
  • Models of business development success: How do lawyers build a practice?
  • How to develop programs that include enhancing and maintaining the technical and business development skills of your attorneys, as well as the integration of young associates and laterals, to ensure partner expectations are achieved and the firm brand is consistent
  • How to establish a marketing and business development program for associates, including developing a handbook to guide them from the first day they practice law to the time they make partner
  • And much more!

The bundle contains the following programs:

  • Be “In-The-Know” Business Development Basics
  • Train the Trainer: Coaching Your Attorneys for Business Development Success
  • Establishing Professional Development Programs for Your Attorneys
  • How to Optimize ROI on BD Coaching Programs
  • Elevating the Marketing and Business Development Function: Law Firm Leadership Panel

This bundle is focused on the Coaching and Training competency, which falls under the Business Development domain of the LMA Body of Knowledge (BoK). The BoK is a foundational resource that defines the core skills necessary for legal marketers to succeed. It outlines the essential and accepted domains, competencies and associated skill sets within the legal marketing profession at every level. 

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