Blurring Lines: The Growing Importance of an Omnichannel Strategy

Blurring Lines: The Growing Importance of an Omnichannel Strategy

Domain: Communications, Business Development

The once clear lines between various marketing channels have become increasingly blurred amidst an ongoing global digital transformation. The concurrent evolution and consolidation of major legal news publishers—once laser focused on traditional editorial—has accelerated this trend, as publishers rapidly broaden their scope and reach to include a steady stream of podcasts, blogs, video, and myriad awards and events that straddle the once impermeable line between “earned” and “paid” content.

This panel will focus on how marketers can navigate the evolving complexities of the legal media landscape and leverage omnichannel approaches and strategies to deliver maximum impact. Panelists will share their recent experiences working with global law firms on sophisticated campaigns. They will provide actionable insights relevant to firms of all sizes, with a focus on how to develop and manage an omnichannel strategy.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Gain an understanding of how the evolution of the legal media market has made omnichannel thinking essential for marketers.
  • Realize the benefits of a more fully integrated marketing strategy and the increasingly central role the media plays.
  • Apply new tactics and develop multifaceted campaigns that leverage omnichannel strategies to maximize marketing impact.
Xenia Kobylarz, Director of Communications, Paul Weiss
Micheline Tang, Director of Communications, King & Spalding
Robyn Addis, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated
Zach Olson, President, Infinite Global (moderator)

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