Big Law Wants to Crush You Like a Bug: Learn How to Turn the Tables

Domain: Business of Law

The 30 largest law firms are adopting much more aggressive strategies than all other law firms. Learn how this newly aggressive posture impacts every firm — large and small. Michael Rynowecer, aka the Mad Clientist, walks you through the strategies you can immediately use to counter their moves and position your firm to crush the others — no matter your size or budget.

Based on more than 125 in-depth interviews with law firm CMOs conducted in each of the last five years, this unpublished research is the only deep-dive look at the marketing strategies in place at the largest firms and how you can incorporate them into your firm. This session will address the following research questions:

  • Why are large firm goals so much more aggressive than all others?
  • Why are law firm marketing budgets so vastly different? How have they changed?
  • Why have law firms changed support levels to partners?
  • How do you deal with soaring attorney resistance?
  • Who’s embracing social media — and who isn’t?

Learn how law firms of every size are competing, how they allocate budgets and benchmark their staffing and attorney-support levels and develop a fact-based argument for making changes in your own budget — so you too can crush the competition like a bug.

Michael Rynowecer, President, BTI Consulting
Jennifer Petrone Dezso, Principal, BTI Consulting

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This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience. 

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