Beyond the Billing Rate: Law Firm Economics for Marketers

Beyond the Billing Rate: Law Firm Economics for Marketers

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You might understand how law firms make money, and even how much associates at your firm make—but do you know how your partners make their money? What metrics does a firm use to measure its lawyers, and what levers can you as a marketer pull to affect those metrics? How can billing a client a million dollars a year be a bad thing? What does it mean to be a K-1?  Learn the answers to these questions—and others—in an illuminating session that translates the lingo into plain English that you won’t need an MBA to decipher.  

Learning Outcomes:
  • Develop a level of comfort with terms used in law firm economics
  • Understand how firms measure lawyers and use the money they collect from clients
  • Identify how to become integral to the success of a firm based the metrics it uses to measure itself
Megan M. McKeon, Director of Business Development, Clark Hill PLC 
Patrick J. Fuller, Vice President, Legal, ALM Media

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