Amplified Leadership: 4 Superpowers for High Impact

Amplified Leadership: 4 Superpowers for High Impact

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership

Have you asked yourself: Why do some people seem to be natural-born leaders, but I struggle? What type of leader am I? How can I be a better leader? What can I do to amplify my effectiveness? How can I have more confidence in meetings and get people to say yes to my ideas?

If so, you are in good company and this session will help you on your path to becoming a great leader! Without answering these questions, leaders burn out with dissatisfaction and ineffectiveness and eventually drive others away from them. This session will explore four authentic superpowers that you can use to discover and maximize your leadership skills and abilities, find greater satisfaction in leadership opportunities, and build the self-confidence you need to thrive as a leader even when you are not the boss.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explore four of the superpowers of leadership that will supercharge your toolbox and enhance your skills
  • Identify your authentic leadership traits and immediately amplify your leadership effectiveness
  • Discover your path to more confidence, greater influence, and impact the leadership culture of your firm
Geoffrey Williams, COO and CFO, Cunningham Bounds

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