Alternative Legal Service Providers (“ALSPs) Are no Longer Alternative

Alternative Legal Service Providers (“ALSPs) Are no Longer Alternative

Domain: Business of Law

The rise of the alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) has been swift and impactful in the past two decades, and legitimized by acquisitions and expansion of legal industry market share. Though they grew out of repeatable, mundane tasks for law firm back offices and high-volume document production work, they are now established as a credible player in legal services and often a direct competitor to law firms. They have steadily gained traction with corporate legal departments and become enablers for big law firms to deliver more cost-effective services to their enterprise clients. They continue to move up the value chain, adding consulting service, legal technology and extensive managed services. This session will review the ways in which ALSPs play a critical role in the legal ecosystem and the ways in which they are winning the game of service delivery.

Topics include:

  • Areas of work ripe for ALSPs services
  • The benefits of ALSP as a service provider
  • How law firms can use ALSPs to reduce costs to their clients
  • How to prepare to compete with ALSPs for corporate legal department work
  • How a managed service can work for corporate clients

Mark Ross, Executive Vice President, Contracts, Compliance and Commercial, Integreon
Heather Suttie, Legal Marketing and Business Development Consulting, Heather Suttie & Associates
Stuart Wood, Chief Executive Officer, Caravel Law 

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