AI in Legal Marketing: Leadership, Risk Mitigation, and Innovation

AI in Legal Marketing: Leadership, Risk Mitigation, and Innovation

Domains: Business of Law, Technology Management
Join Peter Geovanes, Chief Innovation & AI Officer at McGuireWoods, and Amy Wisinski, Marketing Data Analytics & Technology lead at Winston & Strawn, for an insightful session delving into the forefront of AI and its transformative impact on legal marketing, including uncovering innovative ways to leverage AI technologies for enhanced client engagement, market analysis, and competitive positioning. Discover who should lead the AI initiatives within your firm and how to effectively navigate this leadership role. You will also gain valuable insights into data privacy concerns and risk mitigation strategies employed by leading firms and learn practical approaches to mitigating potential AI-related risks in legal marketing.
Through an engaging presentation and real-world examples, participants will emerge with a deeper understanding of AI's role in legal marketing and the strategies necessary to harness its transformative power effectively. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and unlock new possibilities for growth and innovation in your legal marketing endeavors.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine AI's potential in legal marketing and business development
  • Discuss safeguards for responsible AI use and real-world examples 
  • Identify risk mitigation strategies and ethical considerations in implementing AI technologies for marketing in legal contexts
  • Explain AI leadership, including how to effectively lead AI initiatives within your law firm


Peter Geovanes, Chief Innovation & AI Officer, McGuireWoods
Amy Wisinski, Senior Manager, Marketing Data Analytics and Technology, Winston & Strawn LLP

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